Catholic Character

Special Catholic Character

Special Catholic Character Evaluation 2023 

 Holy Family Catholic School is a special character school. Religious and Faith Education is an intrinsic and in cultured means of delivering education. It is the active delivery of the key principles that underpin the reasons that catholic schools exist and the point of difference that make integrated schools special:

 It is manifest through:


Religious Education in the classroom encompasses:

The Director of Religious Studies (Miss Mary O'Neill) is always available to discuss questions about our special character: alternatively information about the Catholic Church, Catholic Education and our Special Character can be found in the following webpages -


Parish Sacramental Programmes

The sacraments mark important milestones in the children’s faith which are celebrated by the whole school and parish community. At Holy Family Catholic School we encourage our students to celebrate the sacraments and we support them, in partnership with the parish to undertake the sacramental programmes.

The three sacraments of initiation are baptism, confirmation and Eucharist. Traditionally in the Catholic Church of New Zealand, in the case of children, this initiation process is extended over a number of years.

Parents are the first educators in faith. A child’s faith comes from the family who nurtures it. The parish and school accompany and support families in this. Most children are baptised as infants and then when old enough prepared for the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist which complete the initiation process.

Participation in the Church’s sacramental life is the means through which people enter more fully the faith life of the community. 

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