Safe Travel to School

Safe Meet Spots

As our school is growing, so too are road safety concerns and congestion. We need your help to keep our children safe.

What is a Safe Meet Spot?

Safe Meet Spots are great places for older children to walk to when meeting parents/caregivers before or after school that are away from busy entrances. They involve no road crossings and there are car parks available so parents can easily use them – even when they’re in a rush. These same areas can be great spots when you want to visit the classroom and are a short walk away.

You probably know these places already, what we hope is that families consider using these places in future to make pick up times easier for everyone. Older students love the independence of making a short walk to a ‘safe meet spot’ and parents might be surprised how it can take the stress out of pick up times.

Please familiarise yourself with the map below and talk to your child/ren about your pick up arrangements.

What if I want to use the Pick up Drop off Area?

This only to be used where you are just picking up and dropping off your child/ren and you’ve already talked to them beforehand about how the system works.

For this to work, we need traffic to keep moving. Parents please remember to:

  • Move to the front - children will wait by the orange bollards for pick up
  • Stay in your vehicles (if you park and leave no one else can use the area)
  • If your child/ren aren’t waiting, please exit and re-enter the area
  • Staff will supervise the area every afternoon until 3.15pm so it’s possible to come a little later than usual and miss the rush.
  • If you want to visit the classroom use a nearby park or ‘safe meet spot’ a short distance away.

Thank you for helping us put children’s safety before convenience.