Year 7 & 8

At Holy Family Catholic School we recognise that the needs of our Year 7 and 8 (intermediate level) students are unique. 

We aim to provide a programme that allows students to have ownership of their learning and to feel an increased sense of responsibility and belonging to their school.  This is done through leadership opportunities, their contributions to school and opportunities offered to them, which differ from other years.

The Year 7 and 8 programme is designed around the needs of the students each year and, therefore, can look different from year to year. However, it retains our core beliefs of what Year 7 and 8 students need.

We have high expectations for our senior students in both academic and behavioural areas. Teachers have high levels of integrity and work hard in a professional and collegial way to plan, assess and deliver interesting and effective programmes of learning.

What We Offer


We are a community united and strengthened by our Catholic faith, which values each person in our community as being born in the image and likeness of God.  Because of our strong sense of family and small size, we are able to provide opportunities for all of our students to shine in our supportive, safe environment, where the individuality of each student is celebrated, promoting the development of the whole, well rounded person. 



All students are important and valued to all staff members at our school, who all have at hand a rich source of information regarding your children. The source comprises those teachers who have worked with your children in earlier years and the many formal and informal discussions that occur regarding senior students are invaluable. There is no “starting again” or “starting from scratch”. This means that senior student learning starts on day one of Year 7 – all the talking and sharing was done the previous year. If the teacher requires even more information about learning, behavioural or social interactions regarding your child, this can happen easily and as often as needed. 



At Holy Family Catholic School we place a high value on providing students with opportunities to develop important leadership attributes and positive relationships, which will help them in the future.  

Our Senior students are in a unique position in Wanaka in that, being the senior students in a Year 0 – Year 8 school, they can have a real and positive influence on the well being of the younger children and are in a position to play a significant part in maintaining and enhancing the positive culture within the school. 

We encourage all students to use their strengths and contribute to a leadership group or take the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities suited to their interests.


We value the opportunities for students to give service to others in selfless ways that will create positive change within our school and in the wider community.  Students have many opportunities to give back through their Inquiry learning, the Caritas Social Justice units, and opportunities linked to our School Charism of Respond in Love and Work in Unity.



The Year 7 & 8 students have a week long camp every year.  These camps alternate between a city experience and an outdoor adventure camp.  Also, at the end of each year, there is an overnight Independence Camp, which is always a highlight as there is a lot of excitement and anticipation in the lead up. The location of the camp is unknown to the students, however, they need to plan and organise their own equipment, food and some activities.  Our camps are designed to celebrate and build positive relationships, provide challenges and encourage collaboration.

We value and respect the unique environment that we live in and take every opportunity to utilise the experiences that are right on our doorstep! For five Fridays in Term 3 we take the whole school to Cardrona Alpine Resort to participate in a full days' worth of ski or snowboard lessons.


Students who have been identified as needing extra support in their learning are well catered for.  We are fortunate to have a Board of Trustees which significantly funds our Learning Support programme through Teacher Aides and resourcing.  A student needing support in Literacy or Maths will have their needs assessed then a systematic, cumulative and explicit intervention will be put in place. Parents are always informed and we work closely with families.

Students who have been identified as Gifted or needing extra stimulation and extension will be put forward by the teachers for our Ignition programme.  This programme runs each week on a Thursday and caters for students in Years 5-8.


Students receive technology tuition at Mount Aspiring College. Areas covered include Food Technology, and Soft & Hard Materials. 


We are fortunate to have modern classrooms and furnishings with adequate digital technology. A “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy operates, while chrome books are available for those who need them.