The school's uniform comprises:


  • Grey flannel shorts or grey embroidered trousers
  • Burgundy embroidered polo top years 0-6, navy embroidered polo top years 7-8


  • Pinafore or skirt (The skirt is made of lighter fabric suitable for warm weather)
  • Burgundy embroidered polo top years 0-6, navy embroidered polo top years 7-8
  • Navy sports shorts are allowed under pinafore/skirt but not required

For both:

  • Navy embroidered merino jersey
  • PE uniform: navy sports shorts and burgundy PE top
  • Burgundy embroidered sun hats, mandatory in Terms 1 and 4
  • Black socks and completely black shoes. Shoes with other colours, boots or Hi-tops are not permitted.
  • Black headbands/clips/hair ties
  • If desired, black long sleeved thermal under polo top
  • A navy embroidered soft shell jacket is optional for cooler days.

We feel wearing the standard uniform reflects pride in Holy Family Catholic School and ask for your support in helping your children dress accordingly.

Summer – Terms 1 and 4

Our school has a policy of sun safety. Sun hats need to be worn at all times while outside and children should apply sunscreen before school and are requested to reapply during school.

Winter – Terms 2 and 3

During colder months students can wear black long sleeved thermals underneath polo shirts. Girls may also wear black tights.

Appropriate warm jackets and beanies can be worn over the school uniform although we ask that parents use discretion regarding logos and words. A soft shell navy blue school jacket is available and is a popular option.

Where to Buy

Our school uniform can be purchased from Apparel Studio, 11 Frederick Street, Wanaka. Their business hours are 9.00 am - 5.30 pm Monday to Friday and we are pleased to support a local business.

2020 Prices (subject to change)

Polo shirt $34.00

Merino Jersey (size 4 – 8) $85.00 (size 10 – 16) $99.00

Sports shorts $25.00

PE top

Sun hat $16.00

Soft shell navy blue jacket $65.00

Shorts $35.00

Trouser unlined (winter) / optional

Skirt (size 4 – 12) $65.00 (size 14 – 16) $70.00

Pinafore $90.00