Holy Family Catholic School is an integrated Catholic school catering to years 1 - 8. 

Our school has an enrolment scheme with a maximum roll of 225 children. Children who have a connection to the Catholic faith have preferential enrolment and there is a 10% allowance for children who do not have such a connection. 

Enrolment status is determined by the Parish Priest according to criteria set out in the Handbook for Boards of Trustees of NZ Catholic Integrated Schools, a copy of which can be accessed here. The enrolment scheme is available to view here.

Children begin on their 5th birthday and have up to 5 visits before their due start date.  The new entrant teacher maintains contact with all new parents.

Any enquiries about enrolment are most welcome.  Please contact the school office for information or to speak to the principal. 

Click here to download the Enrolment Pack